January 11, 2019

Currently available: $120,000+  Visit their site to learn more

It’s like something from your favorite fantasy spy movie or sci-fi novel! Switchblade is the latest high-performance flying sports car that is scheduled to begin production later this year. It’s a three-wheeled car that can carry two people, side by side, and at the push of a button, retractable wings extend from a clamshell container in the belly under the car, converting it to a plane. Powered by regular, unleaded gasoline, the Switchblade reaches speeds of up to 110 mph on the ground and top speeds of 200mph in the air. It will require a motorcycle driver’s license, a driver’s license, or a driver’s license with a motorcycle addition depending on what state and country you live in, as well as a Private Pilot Certificate. For the ultimate flying/driving experience, try Switchblade!