November 20, 2018

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

We found the must-have gadget for your next flight! AirFly from Twelve South is an indispensable item for those holiday travels. About the size of a matchbox, this little device is a Bluetooth transmitter that is designed to let you use AirPods or other wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment systems. Pairing your device with AirFly is seamless with the push of the only button on the front of the AirFly. It has a maximum audio range of 33 feet and stays charged for up to 8 hours, more than enough time for those cross-country flights. You can quickly recharge it fully with the included mini USB charging cable in about 2 hours. Note that this works with any electronic device that doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. So besides using it on planes, you can also use it at the gym, for example. Plug it in where you would normally insert your wired headphones and then use your wireless earbuds. Love not having those annoying cords hanging down! A very handy and useful device, the tiny AirFly allows you the freedom to go wireless on your next trip or anytime!