Santevia Water Systems

November 14, 2018

Currently available: $12.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Bring balance to your life with Santevia Water Systems. The key to the innovative products from Santevia is to provide you with various forms of filters that transform ordinary tap water into mineralized alkaline water. The filters remove chlorine and add electrolytes and antioxidants, raising the pH level in the water. By raising the pH level, it becomes mildly alkaline, and studies have shown that an alkaline environment in the body increases your ability to clear lactate, thus speeding muscle, skin, bone, and brain recovery. Drinking plenty of alkaline water also improves your circulation and metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body faster. The Recovery Stick is a small tube that fits in a bottle or glass and turns your tap water into mineralized alkaline water within 3-5 minutes. The tube filters up to 48 gallons of water and can remain in the water while you drink it. The Power Pouch is a convenient tea bag-like filter that provides you with 10 bottles of clean, mineralized, alkaline water. The pouches are individually packaged and can be used in hot or cold water. As they say, water is the key to wellness, so get Santevia for great tasting, alkaline water to optimize your health!