October 10, 2018

Currently available: $29.99  Visit their site to learn more

Snap to it with SnapClips! Remember those fun slap on wristbands that we had as kids? Well, SnapClips work in a similar fashion but serve an important function – securing free weights. This novel weight collar will keep weights up to 800 pounds from moving or sliding off. The patented technology and durable design work for any size bar from 1.5-2.5″. They stay locked in place throughout your workout and can withstand high-impact drops. Just 3 quick steps to install: hit the center of the bar right below the velcro strip; ensure there are no gaps around the bar; and pull the tab tight and velcro it down to lock the SnapClips into place. The silicon grip on the interior helps to keep the SnapClips from sliding, and the soft fiber sleeve ensures the heat treated steel strips won’t damage bars, plates or your hands. Easy to use, secure, and very portable, SnapClips are the smart weight collars.