Tesalate Beach Towels

August 20, 2018

Currently available: $59  Visit their site to learn more

Leave the beach at the beach! From the beaches of Australia, comes the ultimate towel thanks to our friends at Tesalate. This towel is constructed out of an innovative fabric, called AbsorbLite, that magically prevents sand from sticking to it. Yes, that right, sand just slips off easily! Though it’s thinner and lighter weight than the standard towel, it’s super absorbent – it can soak up to one liter (about one quart) of liquid. But don’t worry, you won’t end up with a heavy, sopping wet towel at the end of the day. That special fabric is also rapid drying, engineered to dry in half the time as a regular beach towel. Yippee! Measuring at 63 x 31 inches, this full sized towel can be rolled up and fit into the included bag for easy and compact transport or there’s a handy hook to hang it when not in use. A variety of vibrant and beautiful patterns are available to choose from, each with the signature black and white triangle pattern on the reverse side. The next time you head to the beach, keep it light and sand-free with Tesalate!