GYST BP1-18 Triathlon Transition Bag

August 3, 2018

Currently available: $199  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT! An incredibly innovative bag! From GYST, the folks that brought us the SG4-16, those impressive multisport sunglasses, comes a bag that is like no other. This is THE bag for athletes and in particular, you triathlon and duathlon TrailblazerGirls, who will love this bag that can hold all your gear AND provide a clean, dry space to change. Here’s the scoop. Start by unhooking the bottom of the bag and opening it up, laying it out completely flat on its waterproof/dirtproof/sandproof surface that folds back into itself to keep your bag contents (and you) clean. Next, grab the handle at the bottom and pull apart the magnetic and velcro fasteners, exposing the 2 inner compartments. One compartment has footprint markings indicating where you can actually stand in the bag to change. Yes, stand in the bag so your feet don’t have to get in the sand, mud, or hot asphalt! How smart is that?! The second compartment is mesh lined and holds all your clean or dirty gear. There are numerous pockets and straps, a¬†comfortable and breathable padded back panel, and it boasts a 45L capacity. With so many outstanding features, it’s best to take a look at their informative video on their website to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all that the BP1-18 has to offer. Plus, there’s a special discount still going on for TrailblazerGirl readers, just enter promo code 2016OUT at checkout to get 15% off of all GYST products. Look to the GYST BP1-18 for a compact transition kit that will keep you and your gear clean and contained.