Backpacker Hidden Gems

July 31, 2018

Currently available: $28  Visit their site to learn more

Sshhh…it’s a secret, but we’ll share them with you! Backpacker Magazine and Destinations Editor, Maren Horjus have found some of the not-so-well-known (at least up until now!), best hikes in the United States and are sharing them with us in their new book, Backpacker Hidden Gems, 100 Greatest Undiscovered Hikes Across America. The book is divvied up into 8 regions: West, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Mountain West, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Northeast. Each listing has details on how to get to there, when to visit, distance, difficulty level, and special considerations like permits, whether a guide is necessary, and more. You’ll find very difficult hikes like Hawaii’s Waimanu Valley, a 2-day, 18 mile journey far from touristy spots to the easy walk to the three-tiered, 10-foot-tall Stepstone Falls in Rhode Island, the second most densely populated state. Sprinkled in with the 100 amazing hikes are some beautiful color photographs, tips on staying hydrated, camping in comfort, and identifying the local flora and fauna.┬áSo avoid the crowds and find those secret hikes with Backpacker Hidden Gems!