June 29, 2018

Currently available: $29  Visit their site to learn more

Even when space is limited, never be without a backup charger! The TravelCard is a portable charger with 2 built-in cables: one to charge your phone (either iPhone or Android) and the other with USB charging capability. How great is that – no more searching around for extra cables! And it’s equipped with pass-through charging which means that you can charge the TravelCard and your phone at the same time. It weighs a mere 1.9 ounces and is only slightly bigger than a credit card. There’s slim and then there’s ultra slim…and this little guy is ultra slim and can even fit in your wallet or your pocket without too much bulk! With a 1,500mAh battery, the TravelCard is designed to provide 35-40% of back up power. It’s made of brushed aluminum and comes in silver, gold, black, blue, carbon grey, red, or emerald green. For on-the-go power with the convenience of integrated Lightning or Micro-USB cables and a standard USB cable, choose the TravelCard.