Jabra Sport Pulse

June 12, 2018

Currently available: $159.99  Visit their site to learn more

Like having your own personal training manager in your ear! We introduced you to Jabra’s great line of fitness earbuds a few years ago, and now they have the Sport Pulse which provides you with some really cool features. Let’s start with the in-ear heart rate monitor. Yes, in-ear, so you don’t have to attach any extra bits to get an accurate reading of your heart rate! The monitor is built into the left earbud, and as long as there’s a secure fit (which is very easy, given they provide you with 6 different ear pieces plus 4 wings), you’re set. With the free Jabra Sport Life fitness app, just enter your activity like running, hiking, skiing, spinning, etc., and the app will track and store information such as your maximum, minimum, and average heart rate over the course of your workout, heart rate zone, calories burned, and more. Throughout your workout, your in-ear coach provides you with updates (you determine the frequency) on your duration, distance and pace. Further, the app can calculate your VO2 Max level, the maximum rate of oxygen that your body consumes during exercise, to give you a measure of your absolute fitness. All these features give you a leg up on your fitness training, AND the Sport Pulse is also an excellent, wireless Bluetooth headphone that is water, shock, and dust resistant and provides you with clear, crisp sound for your music!