Colorado Aromatics Athlete Care Kit

May 30, 2018

Currently available: $37.50  Visit their site to learn more

Skin care for outdoor enthusiasts…sounds like our kind of company! The folks at Colorado Aromatics have a range of scientifically crafted products that are made with carefully selected herbs from their Certified Naturally Grown Farm, and we were lucky enough to try their Athlete Care Kit (more to come tomorrow, so stay tuned!). This kit comes in a convenient clear, zippered bag and has 4 items that TrailblazerGirls will love: Chalk Creek Deodorant Body Powder, Sole Pleasure Foot Butter, Joint Jam, and Detox Bath Salts. The deodorant body powder is a non-talc powder with deodorizing herbs and essential oils that kept us dry and sweet smelling even during our most vigorous workouts. It’s safe to use anywhere so feel free to sprinkle in areas that get especially sweaty, and dust a bit in those stinky shoes too. The foot butter comes in an easy-to-use stick format and worked wonders on our dry heels, thanks to the combination of shea butter, black seed oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and botanical extracts from mint, calendula and comfrey. The Joint Jam is a comforting balm that relieved our tired and sore muscles with a mixture of comfrey, arnica, menthol, and eucalyptus. Lastly, the Detox Bath Salts tossed in the tub, created a “spa at home” with soothing citrus, pine, and mint scents. The Colorado Aromatics Athlete Care Kit is your ticket to fantastic farm-to-skin care!