Reliefband 1.5

April 10, 2018

Currently available: $94.99  Visit their site to learn more

Relief is in sight…as long as you have Reliefband 1.5! ┬áSay goodbye to seasickness and motion sickness thanks to this innovative wristband that takes advantage of a┬ápatented Neurowave technology. Here’s the scoop: sensors on the underside of the watch-like face send out pulses to stimulate the nerves that block the signals in your brain that cause nausea, retching, and vomiting. Placing a small amount of a conducting gel on your inner wrist helps with the electrical stimulation of your median nerve, so your body can naturally prevent that queasiness that you may be feeling on those long winding car rides, bumpy ATV treks, and even unsettled seas since the Reliefband is splash resistant. Not to worry though, the sensation is very mild and feels just a little tingly. There a 5 levels of strength which are easily adjustable at the push of a button. Get drug-free, non-drowsy, effective relief of seasickness and motion sickness with Reliefband 1.5!