AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag

March 22, 2018

Currently available: $65+  Visit their site to learn more

Protect your back! Our friends at AmeriBag are looking out for your back with their Healthy Back Bag line. We know that your handbag is filled with all sorts of stuff, making it heavy and a big strain on your back, and the folks at AmeriBag have smartly designed their bag to mold to the shape of your spine, thus minimizing the strain on your back, neck and shoulders. Plus the cute teardrop shape keeps the weight of your bag balanced and evenly distributed across your back, making it feel lighter. What a relief! But they didn’t stop there. They’ve included all kinds of features to make this the perfect everyday and travel bag. Starting on the outside, there are 3 roomy pockets plus a spine pocket for a small water bottle or umbrella. The main zipper that leads to the roomy interior is always against your back, wisely securing your contents from pickpockets. The strap is adjustable allowing you to wear it cross-body or over a single shoulder, and the little bit of padding at the top makes it comfortable without being bulky. Moving inside the bag, there are a striking number of organizational pockets and rings to keep everything in its place and secure – even a hidden, padded pocket to keep you iPad or tablet! The Healthy Back Bag is available in several sizes and a variety of colors/materials to meet your fancy. AmeriBag has got your back with the Healthy Back Bag – THE bag for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures!