Torro Bracelet

February 12, 2018

Currently available: $49.99  Visit their site to learn more

Stylish and oh-so useful! The Torro Bracelet is a very clever wearable that will keep you charged on-the-go. This sleek looking piece of jewelry is fashioned out of quality “faux leather” in black, white, tan, or brown and double or single braid. The hidden lightning and USB connectors form the clasp to the bracelet and are available in 18K plated white, rose, or yellow gold or black metal.┬áThese cables are Apple MFi-certified and can be used for charging or data transfer. Choose from 3 lengths: small (7.5 inches), medium (8.6 inches), and large (9.25 inches). They are so handy and easy to use, especially when traveling or out and about to ensure your phone is always charged. Currently it’s only available for iPhones but Android and USB C versions are coming soon, as well as the potential for bracelets with built in batteries. Can’t wait! Get ready for the complements to come in – the Torro Bracelet is as chic looking as it is functional!