January 24, 2018

Currently available: $79.95  Visit their site to learn more

Small but mighty! The AirBolt is a smart travel lock that is jam packed with high tech features. No need to remember a combination or bring along a key. This lock is Bluetooth enabled and uses an app on your phone to lock, unlock, locate, track access history, and allow you to share access with others. AirBolt pairs with your smart phone so that only you can unlock it when you’re within range of your luggage (you can adjust the distance) or you can allow a friend to have access with their phone. If you happen to forget your phone (does that ever happen?!) or your phone battery dies, you can still open your lock with a backup code that you’ve set up in advance; a sort of combination pattern tapping on the lock touchpad. It is TSA accepted, so if they need to get into your bag, they can by using their TSA master key. If your AirBolt-locked bag is lost or stolen, check the app to see its location which takes advantage of the crowdsourced GPS network. The history setting in the app will also indicate when and how the lock was accessed. It has a micro USB rechargeable battery that lasts for months, will flash red when the juice is low, or you can easily see the amount of charge remaining by checking the app. You would think that with all these features, you’d have to have a massive lock, but in fact, it’s a small 2 inch diameter disk that fits in the palm of your hand! AirBolt is a little dynamo that does a lot!