Swim the English Channel

July 31, 2012

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An Anglo-French Original: Swim the English Channel. Interestingly, this is something you schedule with the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation because they’re the ones to arrange for a pilot boat to escort you across the Channel. The 21-mile stretch that separates England and France is one of the most iconic swims in the world, and to qualify, you need to have had a ratified 6-hour swim at least 14 days before your cross-channel swim. You can also sign-up to cross the Channel by other means such as rowing, canoeing and paddle boarding which maybe preferable since the water is usually between 59°F and 64.5°F (15°C to 18°C). Another curious note is that folks always swim from England (Dover) to France instead of the other way around. Anyhow, keep in mind you’ll need your passport.