GoBag Dolphin

November 6, 2017

Currently available: $29.99  Visit their site to learn more

Going out in the water, rain, or snow? Then you need the GoBag Dolphin! Protect your phone from water, snow, dust, and sand damage with this handy dry bag. Labeled as the world’s only magnetic self-sealing dry bag, this piece of gear is a must-have for outdoor adventures. The double sealing magnetic closure secures your phone with a satisfying “click”! Once it’s sealed, it’s waterproof to 100 feet, and your phone is fully functional through the bag: touch screen, camera, audio, and microphone. We tested the Dolphin, and at 6.75 inches by 4.4 inches it is big enough to fit our iPhone 6S with some extra room to fit more. Photos came out surprisingly clear through the bag, and all bag contents were completely dry. They also have 3 other sizes, one smaller and 2 bigger. The GoBag Dolphin is your go-to bag for your outdoor TrailblazerGirl adventures.