ZizzyBee Bags

September 25, 2017

Currently available: $19.99 (pack of 3)  Visit their site to learn more

Here’s your secret weapon to getting organized! ZizzyBee Bags are reusable, washable bags that are great for holding the little things that always make their way to the bottom of your backpack. Made out of a soft, mesh fabric, it’s easy to see what’s inside, and they come in 2 sizes, a 12 inch square or a 9 inch square and a variety of colors. The large one is just the right size for travel; pop in a magazine, snacks, hand sanitizer, and headphones. Or heading on a camping trip? Pack it with matches, flashlight, bug spray, gloves, and a first aid kit. The loop at the end is handy for carrying and attaching it to the seat back tray table on your flight or with a carabiner to your backpack. ZizzyBee Bags, the catch all for everything that goes in your bag!