Bushcraft First Aid

May 30, 2017

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Hopefully you will not have need of the information in this book…but it is valuable information that every TrailblazerGirl should know. Bushcraft First Aid by wilderness experts Dave Canterbury and Jason Hunt is aimed at preparing you for those times when you or someone you’re traveling with is injured and professional medical help is no where near. Learn from the years of experience and training these two authors have as they walk you through the things to know before you head out into the wilderness, the Ten Cs (basic tools you should always take with you), assessing and treating medical emergencies from acute conditions to chronic illnesses, dealing with environmental hazards, and identifying plants that can help you or hurt you. This book is filled with practical advice with “Tips and Tricks” in every chapter. For example, did you know that you should avoid carbonated soft drinks and caffeine if you suffer from a broken bone? In the former, the phosphorus in that bubbly drink can weaken the healing process and in the latter, the caffeine binds to calcium molecules, preventing the bones from absorbing what they need to heal. This is your guide to potentially lifesaving information for you and those you encounter out in the wilderness.