Pukka Feel Alive Organic Teas

April 27, 2017

Currently available: $4.75  Visit their site to learn more

Put the kettle on – we found some teas to give you a lift! Our friends at Pukka Organic Teas have a selection of herbal teas to lift you, to soothe you, and to refresh you. This UK-based company specializes in naturally caffeine-free teas that are organic, Fair Trade, and FairWild (a certification that ensures a commitment to sustainable collection, social responsibility and fair trade principles). We tried 3 teas from their Feel Alive family: Womankind, Detox with Lemon, and Turmeric Gold. Womankind has a blend of organic cranberry, rose and vanilla that is designed to promote your feminine health by regulating your hormones and providing balance. It has a slightly sweet, fruity taste. The Detox with Lemon has organic aniseed, fennel, cardamom, and lemon and is great for soothing and calming your digestive system. The lemon harmonizes well with the licorice taste of the fennel and aniseed, and the cardamom adds a nice pop of spice. The Turmeric Gold combines organic Indian turmeric, lemon, and cardamom for a strong antiinflammatory and antioxidant concoction. The citrus flavor of the lemon shines in this refreshing tea. All three have unique flavors to tickle your tastebuds and stimulate your sense. So how about a cuppa Pukka Organic Teas to make you come alive?