myCharge HubMini

March 27, 2017

Currently available: $49.99  Visit their site to learn more

What a little hotshot! The myCharge HubMini will be the┬átravel essential that you won’t want to leave without. Don’t be fooled by it’s small size, this mini powerhouse with its 3300mAh Lithium Ion battery will charge two devices at once with its integrated lightning and micro-USB cables. Yes, integrated! How great is that! No more remembering to carry extra cords around to charge your devices. Yippee! It also charges and recharges very quickly, holds a charge for up to one year, and weighs less that a quarter of a pound. The LED lights provide a clear indicator of the battery level. With up to 22 hours of power, the HubMini is a TrailblazerGirl’s best friend on the road, on the trails, on the slopes, in the air, and any time you’re away from a power source!