TriggerPoint 36″ CORE Roller

March 16, 2017

Currently available: $60  Visit their site to learn more

Get your roll on…as long as it’s with the CORE Roller from our friends at TriggerPoint! Feel those sore, tight muscles roll away as you use this solid foam roller with its special GRID pattern technology. The three dimensional surface of the roller promotes blood flow to increase circulation and enhance mobility, resulting in more oxygen and nutrients to those affected muscles. Position your body over the different surfaces to achieve the best massage. The TriggerPoint website has a multitude of very informative instructional videos and written suggestions to help you. The 3 basic movements include: Rolling which involves slow systematic movement along the muscle to encourage circulation at the target area; Cross Friction which creates pressure across the muscle to reduce knots and restore mobility; and Spanning which combines compression and rotation to help stretch and restore elasticity in your muscles. You’ll find that the TriggerPoint CORE Roller will be your muscles’ new best friend following your most strenuous TrailblazerGirl activities!