Editor’s Top Finds of 2016: Most Innovative Items

January 5, 2017


There were so many interesting and innovative items reviewed in 2016, and our TrailblazerGirl editorial team wanted to highlight their pick of the top 3 (just in case you missed them last year!). First, Bellabeat LEAF is a smart piece of jewelry designed specifically for women. The LEAF is more than an activity tracker; it is a health tracker that provides a plethora of information on your sleep quality and quantity, calories burned, your menstrual cycle and ovulation days and more. Second, the Alpha Mid Jacket from our friends at Strafe is fashioned out of a revolutionary insulation developed for U.S. Special Operations Forces that is a light, breathable, air permeable layer designed to give you active warmth. Amazingly lightweight yet extremely warm – perfect for winter weather. Third, the SmartMat will be your own personal yoga instructor. The sensors and special technology in the mat detect your perfect balance and alignment, giving you real-time feedback. Just a few of the innovative items reviewed in 2016 that were worth a second look and maybe an after-holiday present to yourself!