L’Hotel Anjajavy, Madagascar

June 19, 2012

Currently available: $TBD  Visit their site to learn more

Guess where TrailblazerGirl is now… there is no road to Anjajavy. Anjajavy lies in the heart of the Menabe Sakalava territory, but you can fly in from Antananarivo. Give up? We’re in the forests of Madagascar in one of the most remote resorts in the world, L’Hotel Anjajavy. Here you can sail on catamarans, snorkel and sea kayak, canoe, swim, play beach volley, and explore caves and forests and beaches and unique flora and wildlife. But the most fun might be taking a Robinson Crusoe day with a picnic on one of the so secluded beaches where you’ll experience what it is to be truly alone on an island.