C3 Crabby Wallet

October 17, 2016

Currently available: $19.95  Visit their site to learn more

You’ll be anything but crabby with the Crabby Wallet! The name actually is a play on the creator Ryan Crabtree’s name, and he’s carried it through with a cute crab embroidery and crab sticker with every wallet. This is a minimalist wallet that will hold just your essentials, which is perfect when you’re out and about on your TrailblazerGirl adventures. No need to be weighed down with lots of cards, coins, and extras when you’re scaling that rock, trekking up that mountain, running that marathon, or traveling in congested areas. This slim wallet has some very practical features: 3 pockets that hold up to 10 cards (2 are easy access ones for ID and transit cards); a vertical band that secures the cards and allows for your phone to be connected as well; smart rubber grips on the inside of the band ensure things stay put; a removable key attachment cord; and a small ring to attach a carabiner. It’s available in a multitude of color combinations and materials. Minimalist design but maximum function!