September 23, 2016

Currently available: $397  Visit their site to learn more

Smart phone, smart car, smart watch, and now, smart yoga mat? Yes! The SmartMat is a yoga mat with sensors and special technology that acts as your personal yoga teacher to help you find the perfect pose. It looks like a regular yoga mat – it’s padded, nonslip, rollable, portable, and you can clean the surface with a nonabrasive cleanser. But you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet, and the Bluetooth enabled SmartMat App provides you with 3 different modes to choose from: In Home Private (pre-programmed yoga classes); In Class Assist (take it to class with you and it detects your yoga pose, giving you real-time feedback on how you’re doing); and Zen Mode (tracks your poses for you to watch later). You calibrate the SmartMat with your height, weight, gender, age, and it will then be able to detect your perfect balance and alignment. SmartMat is an innovative way to take your yoga practice to the next level.