Tomboy War Woman Scar Oil

August 22, 2016

Currently available: $14.95  Visit their site to learn more

A natural healer! In the battle against scars, you have a strong ally with War Woman Scar Oil from our friends at Tomboy Organic Skincare. As TrailblazerGirls, we can have mishaps in our adventures that end in scrapes and cuts, and we’re happy to report that we have a solution for you. War Woman is a magical salve containing a special blend of wild herbs and vitamin E in a base of organic coconut oil that “reduces the length and width of fibrous tissue scars, cysts and stretch marks”. There’s even a bit of titanium dioxide to provide a high-grade mineral sunscreen to protect your wound from UV damage. We tried War Woman after a recent, unsuccessful battle with a fence on our bike (note to self: fences don’t move!) that left a nasty mark on our arm – after just a few weeks of daily use, the scar is no more! War Woman Scar Oil is a definite must-have in your TrailblazerGirl trove of remedies.