Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

July 29, 2016

Currently available: DKK 115  Visit their site to learn more

The other Louisiana. While most Americans may think of the state of Louisiana, a visit to the Louisiana Museum will give you a whole new frame of mind (in more ways than one!) and is an absolute must when in Denmark! The name comes from the original villa owner’s three wives that were all named Louise. Situated on the coast about 25 miles north of Copenhagen with panoramic views across the Sound to Sweden, the museum was created in 1958 and comprises modern art from 1945 to the present and includes almost every genre – with an emphasis on paintings and sculptures. You’ll find an amazing collection of works from recognizable names like Calder, Moore, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Picasso, and Giacometti. Then there are artists such as Yayoi Kusama with her hugely popular Gleaming Lights of the Soul installation that inspired us with a surreal experience – the walls and ceiling are covered with mirrors and the floor is a reflecting pool with a platform for lucky viewers to be surrounded by multicolored lights. In the museum’s guide book, there is an interesting statement that beautifully represents the museum: “The Louisiana is a destination, but at heart it is a place you go to be.” We couldn’t agree more.