Strömma Denmark: Hop On Hop Off Bus and Boat Tours

July 25, 2016

Currently available: DKK 245  Visit their site to learn more

Explore the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, from its humble beginnings as a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century to being the most populated city in Denmark. One of the best ways to learn about this wonderful city is to take the Hop On Hop Off Bus and Boat Tours from our friends at Strömma Denmark. Catch one of the three bus tours, Mermaid, Christiania, or Carlsberg, that cover the highlights with a chance to “hop off and hop on” any time an interesting area or sight tickles your fancy. Or travel the waterways and discover that the iconic Little Mermaid Statue journeyed to Shanghai for the Expo 2010 and that Copenhagen is home to the Royal Danish Naval Academy, the oldest still-existing officers’ academy in the world. As an added bonus with your ticket, discounts to some of the points of interest are offered. Whether it’s by land or sea, the Hop On Hop Tours are an excellent approach to uncovering the amazing finds in Copenhagen.