NATU Hair Care Products

April 6, 2016

Currently available: $10+  Visit their site to learn more

Sometimes “No” is a good thing. With NATU Hair Care Products, it is definitely a good thing! There are no sulfates, silicones, parabens, resins, phthalates. petrolatum, ethoxylates. artificial colors, artificial fragrances, nor animal products. What you will find are natural proteins, lipids, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins that are exactly what your hair needs to be healthy and strong. We found that after just a few uses, our hair recovered nicely from the beating that it takes from all our TrailblazerGirl activities. Maybe it’s the avena stiva peptide from from oats that made our hair shiny and silky or the betaine from sugar beets that moisturized, softened, detangled, and strengthened our hair or the lecithin from soybeans that strengthen and shined our hair or most likely, a combination of all the natural, good things in these products. We are also big fans of the Volumizing Mist that gave our fine hair a boost without any stiffness. Try NATU for a natural way to clean and care for your hair!