Vie Ferrate in the Dolomites

June 1, 2012

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We’re guessing you’ve heard of the Dolomites but aren’t quite sure where they are or why you’d go there. Well, the Dolomites is the name for a series of mesmerizing mountain ranges, forming the eastern most part of the Alps in northeastern Italy, and one of the newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With vistas that change dramatically over the course of the day as the sun travels across the massive rock faces, the Dolomites are famous for skiing in the winter and hiking, climbing, base jumping, paragliding and hang gliding in the summer. Through it runs the Vie Ferrata (“iron paths”), a system of trails that were created during World War I with cables alongside that are attached to the mountains to help you climb-up during hikes. There are all levels, but this is where you might find TrailblazerGirl next as she adventures out with her friends on the path less taken.