Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

May 25, 2012

Currently available: $varies  Visit their site to learn more

Dumb question of the day… do you like chocolate? How about a resort with its own Cacao (the botanical name for chocolate) Plantation? Or lounging around the infinity pool ordering chocolate treats in addition to cocktails? Yep, the luxurious Boucan resort in St. Lucia is now open. It’s owned and operated by the Hotel Chocolat company which also makes chocolate in their factory based in England. This is where you can indulge yourself not only in the edible variety but also in the spa with Cacao manicures and Cacao massages, hikes through the Cacao Plantation and lessons in making chocolate candy from the Cacao beans. And by the way, you’ll richly deserve all those sweets after a day of snorkeling and hiking and sailing and swimming and all of the other activities they have at Boucan, St. Lucia.