Ravean Heated Down Vest

October 28, 2015

Currently available: Kickstarter Campaign  Visit their site to learn more

There are smart clothes, and then there are genius clothes! Our friends at Ravean have created a whole new class of clothing with their premium heated apparel. Not just any heated outerwear, but uber-stylish, high tech, machine washable, water-resistant, and breathable. We were lucky enough to test the Ravean Heated Down Vest, and TrailblazerGirls, we were impressed! First off, it comes in a compact bag (smaller than a bread loaf), making it perfect for travel. Then, you pop it out, and on it’s own, it’s a chic-looking, fashionable down vest that works equally well on the trails and slopes as on your urban travels. We were caught in the rain with it, and the water-resistant material kicked in, keeping us dry and warm. Love the fact that you can adjust the temperature of the heated front and back body panels from low, medium, and high, and the light, 5 volt, rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 7 hours on low. Ravean has a Kickstarter campaign going on now through the end of November, so check out the link above to find out how you can help and get in on some incredible prices for their innovative products. A “cool” new way to stay warm!