Audiofly AF45

September 14, 2015

Currently available: $69.99  Visit their site to learn more

A high quality pair of headphones makes a huge difference when listening to music. The Australian experts at Audiofly design and build headphones with an ear (hee, hee, pun intended!) to providing you with theĀ ultimate clarity in sound. Clear tones, rich sounds, and crisp definition enhance your listening experience. The noise isolating feature works incredibly well, especially with the 3 sets of silicon ear tips that allow you to find the best fit for your ear. Another welcome feature is Clear-Talk, a special system that allows you to play music and answer calls at a push of a button. The microphone isolates and amplifies your voice so you can chat normally without sharing your conversation with everyone around you. The braided cable is a good length and doesn’t look like it will kink or wear with extended use. An exceptional pair of headphones.