Kenu Highline

June 10, 2015

Currently available: $29.95  Visit their site to learn more

Got phone? Need Kenu! Our friends at Kenu have developed some brilliant products right up TrailblazerGirl’s alley! We are all attached to our phones, and the Highline does literally attach your phone to you so that you don’t lose it. Made out of Kevlar, it’s super strong and durable, and the leash is coiled so it’s long enough to use your phone while connected but compact when not in use. Here’s how it works: secure the small loop to your zipper pull, belt loop, d-ring, backpack, etc, then connect the leash to your phone’s charging port and the included phone case. No more worries about butter-fingers (yours or someone else’s!) while using your phone or trying to take a photo from your bike, boat, ski lift, or on the trails. A practical solution for keeping your phone safe.