Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack

May 12, 2015

Currently available: $165  Visit their site to learn more

Amazingly light at 12.7 oz! No, that’s not a typo…it really is only 12.7 ounces! The Summit Pack from our friends at Hyperlite Mountain Gear is constructed out of a Cuben/Polyester hybrid material that almost has the feel of extra strong rice paper on steroids. It’s super strong yet light and water resistant, and this huge bag (30L) can hold TONS of gear without weighing you down. A group of us TrailblazerGirls took it on a recent all-day hike through the wilderness, so besides the usual essentials like water, food, sunscreen, compass, etc., we had to shed layers throughout the day. EVERYTHING fit inside! Yes, that was 3 shells, a fleece jacket, hats, gloves, and a miscellaneous long-sleeved shirt or two! Though the pack was a bit bulky (note all the stuff that we packed inside!), it was not overly heavy because the initial weight of the pack is only 12.7 oz!! Certainly manageable and perfect for the TrailblazerGirl that likes to be lean and mean!