VETTED Dermlab M₂ Rich Collection

July 8, 2024

Currently available: $108  Visit their site to learn more

Clean, science-backed skincare. The M₂ Rich Collection from our friends at VETTED Dermlab is the ideal daily cleanser and moisturizer for normal to dry or mature skin. This skincare line is designed and vetted (see where their name comes from?!) by three dermatologists with impressive resumes and more than 30 years of combined experience. They are on a mission to set a new industry standard – a truly clean skincare collection that is environmentally friendly, free of toxic chemicals, and made without common skin irritants. The VETTED Dermlab C Cleanser has a thick, gel consistency that foams very easily with warm water. Only a small amount is needed to rid your face of all the dirt and grime of your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The M₂ Rich Moisturizer is luxuriously creamy and readily absorbed with key ingredients like ceramides, phospholipids, and cholesterol (aka, the ‘holy grail of hydration’), that restore and moisturize your skin. Both come in beautiful, recyclable glass bottles that do not leach phthalates and include an easy to use pump that administers the perfect amount of product. They are unscented and gentle, especially for sensitive skin, yet are very effective, leaving you with clean, fully hydrated skin, even with weather-worn, chapped, dry skin. The VETTED Dermlab M₂ Rich Collection is a big skin, win, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t!